Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A New Angel and More Satin Floss!

These are two unrelated topics, but I wanted to show both - and then retire to stitch for the rest of the evening. Enough of painting for a few days!! (being busy is good).

I was finishing an order of my Talavera crosses, and decided while the paint was out to go ahead and put the same motif on the skirt of an angel. This was from my favorite of them.

She's 9" high, so I was able to use the pattern exactly the same size as it is on the cross - just moved the elements around a bit. The wings are outlined in light metallic gold, and I can see using beads on the sunflower center as I did on the cross.

Next, the DMC Satin Floss. Last January there were 24 colors. Now there are 60!! I remember last fall when I first heard of Satin Floss, I called all over Austin and couldn't find any. Only one counted cross stitch shop had a little box of six colors.

I decided to go directly to the DMC site and buy some there, as I really wanted to try it. I had liked the shiny look of what they had before (can't remember the name of it - rayon floss) but it was not pleasant to use, and was crinkly. The Satin Floss is rayon - and is shiny and slilppery, but gorgeous, and when knotted up against the eye of the needle, it's easy to use.

What you see in the first photo is the entire collection as it is now - lots of fun to dump out of a bag and play!
Next, I separated it into shades, which is a wonderful development - there are actually FOUR shades of yellow and four of blue! The colors are rich and vibrant. I was doing this with a huge window behind me, so had the benefit of natural daylight, so I could see the true colors. It's amazing what effect one color has on another when placed side by side.

I remember a 5th grade teacher I had who gave us basic enlightenment into color theory - and what the retina of the eye does with color. One exercise I loved was when he had us stare for about 45 seconds at a red shape (we cut these shapes out of construction paper) - and then look immediately up to a white board he had in front of the room. There, an image formed of the same shape, but in the complementary color - which in this case was green. Budding artist that I was, I was so enraptured with this, I didn't want to be bothered with anything else - like history, etc.
In the last picture, I have separated out the low intensity colors in the collection - gorgeous, they are! I really enjoyed my activity here, as color schemes automatically fell into place - I separated out these skeins and put them into little ziploc bags for future reference.

I remember in Maggie Lane's NEEDLEPOINT BY DESIGN, she said her favorite way of choosing a scheme, was to just dump out her trunkful of yarn and see what fell into place - it works!!


Anonymous said...

Love all the colors! It's like Christmas when you get a box of new threads. The hard part is deciding what color to use first. Have fun!

LIZ said...

Are you going to use this luscious looking thread for your pretty angels?

Judy S. said...

They are lovely! Nice threads, too.