Monday, August 16, 2010

The Angel on Monday Morning

I worked a lot of hours on this yesterday, so she's showing more color now. I do like working on the unpainted canvas, as it's more exciting to see the pattern emerge this way.

At this point, she appears to be wearing white opera gloves - but I'll put "skin" color there today. (DMC floss #950)

I used T-Stitch on the sleeve, which ordinarily I wouldn't do right next to another textured stitch, but in this case, it's neatly separated by the single line of burgundy outline, which keeps the edge from being jagged.

I'm loving the yellow skirt - which is DMC floss - as it adds the finishing touch as far as the color scheme goes. As in grandmother's flower garden, the yellow needs to be there. Notice how the basketweave progresses. The dark fold was worked first, and then the background around it. Very simple.

I took a second photo of the hair at close-up, hopefully to show the direction of the satin stitches. (DMC floss #300) Due to the dark color, I couldn't get the shine of the stitches to show up well, demonstrating the different directions of the stitches.

Be sure to visit The Cape Stitcher today, as Anne has finished the December angel - and has done a gorgeous job of it!. I learn a lot from watching her, myself.


Rachel said...

Love her hairstyle! She's looking gorgeous!

Jan said...

I just know this is going to be my favorite one! I love the colors and everything works so well together. Not much left to do on this one so I'm hoping to see it again in a few days.

Cool City Stitcher said...

She's beautiful! I love her hair and jewelry, and the stitches are perfect for her clothing.