Monday, August 30, 2010

The Angels Finished!

I hadn't planned to show these again, but am pleased with the way they look together - and also by the fact that I finished them at all. I'm bad about putting things down and starting something new.
The green skirt on the "Margarita" angel (margarita is "daisy" in Spanish) has no shading, but is worked in Nobuko, which gives it a nice texture against the solid basketweave of the apron.
As the green is dark, it recedes and doesn't distract from the apron.
I'm now trying to get inspiration for what to do next - it's still so hot in Austin, I think my brain is baked. At least we've actually had rain this year, and it's still green out there.


Anonymous said...

I agree. They turned out beautifully. They both look so serene and perfect. I still think I prefer the Calla Lily one the best - because of the colors.

Rachel said...

You may well be pleased with them - they're charming!