Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Stuff!!

Another beautiful blog I'd like to share. As I always say, the images that imbed themselves in our brains are important, and this blog is one of my very favorites just for looking and browsing and wishing I could buy more. It's on my morning cruise list every day.

This incredibly talented young woman lives here in Austin, and I'm hoping to visit the gallery soon that carries her paintings - the larger ones. They are also shown in more galleries out of state - the list is on her blog.

Carol Marine has been doing a "painting a day" for several years, and then has them for sale on Etsy. There you can also see some of her larger ones! Anyway, this is certainly worth a look. The composition is great on these small works, as are the colors and brushwork - and some of the subject matter is quite whimsical.

The next subject is Anne Stradal's new Halloween piece - poker playing ghosties. These are as funny as her "ghostly trio" last year. I won't spoil the surprise by showing a picture here, but do be sure to visit her at The Cape Stitcher and watch the stitching when it's in progress.

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