Sunday, June 24, 2007

The shield needs a little bit more work, but Granny is out of steam - it will have to wait. I had visions of fleur-de-lis in the blue field and lions rampant on the red - but not tonight. Jake won't know the difference if I don't mention it. I doubt that he has ever heard of the aforementioned design elements, and doesn't care. It's ready for him to take to school tomorrow, and that's what counts. The first picture shows the split peas before they were painted gold - my son-in-law was amazed at this element!. I saw a shield on a site for Medieval Shields and noticed the gold bead/nail head thing around the border, so had to add it.
The crown is covered with brown wrapping paper and Elmer's glue - painted with gold acrylic in a bottle, and the split peas and gaudy jewels added. This paraphanalia probably won't last until sundown tomorrow, but I had lots and lots of fun with it. Jake's reaction certainly made it worth while.

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