Friday, June 29, 2007

I actually worked a whole day today - no jigsaw puzzle or chatting on the computer or cruising around looking at my favorite blogs. Finishing a major project after creative avoidance for two weeks (procrastination) actually gave me energy instead of a feeling of fatigue, so I finished a few more of the bright, gaudy Talavera ornaments I've had on the table for a while. The mini-stocking and the round ornament are only two of the pieces I was able to draw from the design elements on this plate, as there are still a 15" pillow and a frame left to put on canvas. When I bought the plate, I had challenged myself to see how many different needlepoint designs I could find in it. Love those bright, happy colors!! Then, on a roll with the painting, and the copy and pictures sent off to Needlepoint Now magazine (barely on time, as my deadline was moved forward by three days), I painted two more ornaments that were already drawn from other plates. ALL DONE! Now back to Crazy Quilts! I already have the canvas drawn and ready to begin stitching, and now am waiting for my new threads to come in the mail. Something to look forward to is good for the soul. (especially if it has to do with needlework!)

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Allison Ann Aller said...

Wow, you really did get so much done. And you found so many variations from that one plate...I am especially partial to those last two round ornaments.
Sumptuous, Judy!