Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Once upon a very long time ago in a town far away, I was known simply as "Mama" and was gluing sequins and rhinestones to assorted things, and sewing tulle into tutus for Jake's mama. At this time I am called "Granny" (my oldest son gave me a choice between Granny and "Big Mama" - I chose the lesser of two evils). Anyway, Jake is four years old now, and is very much into slaying dragons for princesses at his school. This is in between identifying with various jet propelled, cape wearing intergalactic heroes. He had been sporting one of his mom's pot lids for a shield, so I suggested to his dad we make him a real shield. This idea was accepted with great enthusiasm, so he and Jake retired to the garage/workshop to cut out a shape from 1/4" solid core plywood. After much research among toys and and a lot of discussion, we had sketched a pattern on my drawing paper, cut it out, and transferred it to the wood. It was left to me today to prime it and get it ready to decorate - soooo this is what I have been doing today while the camera is recharging and other paint is drying, etc. Did I fail to mention how grateful Jake's mother was for the peace and quiet last evening, as Jake was occupied in the garage and not hanging onto her skirts in the kitchen? I suppose this evening we will tend to other important things like finding a design for this shield. Later. Then I will post a slide show of the latest "crocheted lace in needlepoint."


Allison Ann Aller said...

Lucky Jake!
I had a dresser-upper son, too--so imaginative...take lots of pictures, Judy!

Granny Fran said...

Some kids choose their Granny's well!