Monday, June 04, 2007

It's amazing what happens when one's computer is not available for jigsaw puzzles, chatting, and other fun and games. Mine had a bit of a problem with the thunder and lightening storms last night, and developed a loose connection somewhere until about an hour ago. (sons-in-law are handy people for things like this). Anyway, I finished the first little heart CQ in the interim and drew and planned the next one - a little larger and more ambitious. It is amazing how the light strikes the surface of the stranded silks (these are all three "Soie Cristale" by Caron Collection.)and creates a texture of its own. Also the beads - I used orange beads on the pink patch, thinking it would make fine sparkly polka dots, but the iridescence and surface reflections took on more of the background color - a really lovely effect - one of those happy surprises. I am still a bit clumsy with the surface emboidery, as the canvas + stitching makes a heavy ground to push a tapestry needle through. Maybe I need to get a chenille needle. Anyway, I have already planned colors and patterns for this next one, and will start on it tonight if time and energy permit. I must remind myself to "enjoy the journey," as the "destination" of the finished patches ready to embellish call to me here. In my mind's eye, I can already see the floral vine along that long, curved seam. Of course they never look quite like I pictured them - but sometimes even better. If not, I can just rip it out and try again.

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Allison Ann Aller said...

You are truly developing something unique here. That heart must glow "in person"...the textures are so rich.
The larger one I know will be even more magnificent!