Saturday, June 02, 2007

The terms "sane quilting" and "crazy quilting" make perfect sense to me - but I am wondering how acceptable it will be to differentiate needlepoint between "sane needlepoint" (which it isn't always, in my opinion) and "Crazy Needlepoint." I have decided to just call it "Crazy for Needlepoint." ?? Anyway, as it has been suggested by a certain friend, I am working on crazy hearts. Starting with a rather small, simple one - it was fun putting those orange beads into the pink area, and plotting the little floral "lace" trim onto the canvas. (This was worked with Smyrna Cross "bump" stitches before the patches were stitched.) As usual, the embellishment is a terrifying and intimidating prospect - but I will give it a try this afternoon. I promise I will. Maybe. That "cranberry swirl" silk ribbon (from the Thread Gatherer) is yummy with this piece, as it has just the right cast of pink/orange/red. It should do a lovely flower or two on the green patch. Yet to come is the larger heart with the first curved seam I have attempted to embellish. Later. It is drawn, colors and stitches chosen, etc., but not started yet.


Allison Ann Aller said...

This is scrumptious, Judy! I love that floral stitched trim...and the beads...all the different stitches are so rich. I hope you are happy with this!

Granny Fran said...

You are really creating a wonderful style of crazy needlepoint. I love how you are using beads in your pieces. Looks like fun. I've only done a little simple beading on Christmas ornaments.