Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This pillow in needlepoint was begun several months ago in the same spirit as the seashell that ended in disaster in my UFO box (couldn't discard it!!). I decided it needed to be done - and by a deadline. Although the drawing was carefully thought out, and the colors chosen and arranged, the decision to put the "crocheted lace" border around it was not, at the time, a good one. I soon put it away, as I couldn't bear to think of all those bump stitches in a limited amount of time - a bit over-ambitious. I brought it out again recently, and decided to use it as a relaxation piece - just enjoy the journey and not worry about the destination. This has made a great difference, as I find myself wanting to do just a little bit more of the lace - it is wonderful to see the thing emerging as i do more white bump stitches and then a bit more background around. It's kind of like painting on blank, white canvas with a needle. I am having the same experience with the "crazy" patches - thorougly enjoying the process without worrying about time and the product. I have even discarded the drawing with little pieces of thread and notes on it, and am just designing as I go. Can hardly wait to get to the embellishing!! Moral of the story (as I remind myself) Relax and enjoy the journey!!! Isn't that what needlework is about? The "lace" is an old charted thing I did many years ago to imitate crocheted lace in needlepoint. Lots of little bump stitches and a colored background - a fascinating and mathematical thing to plan. I am so encouraged by this experience that I have decided it is time to start on the block that Allie made for my magazine article. (You can find this on her blog in the March archives) I love the colors and the fabrics, and I am getting a bit tired of the intensity of the colors I have been working with. Something to look forward to, definitely!!


Allison Ann Aller said...

The relaxation and loosening up on the design-ahead-of-time really is a key to crazy quilting. But combined with the mathematical underpinings of needlepoint, the result is truly spectacular.
The lace is a key ingredient here...just so lovely.
Your work is obviously evolving quickly with this whole concept, and it is so exciting to see it grow!!!

Linda S. said...

Judy, this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Linda S. said...

I hope you don't mind but I just couldn't resist linking back to this post. This is so lovely! And,YES, I could use some help with my knitting! lol

ephphatha said...

By golly, you've become computer savvy, haven't you?

Jo in NZ said...

Judy, I love what you are doing here. What a great concept! I agree with Allie, the lace border is fantastic, and I love the way you have created the texture of the fabric with stitches.
I'll be back