Friday, June 22, 2007

It is amazing what one can accomplish when the computer is not functional. Thunderstorms again today, and I lost my wireless connection until the brilliant son-in-law fixed it for me late this evening. I worked on the Prince's paraphanalia some more, and he was so thrilled when he came home from school he was speechless for a second. Only a second.... The crown started life last night as a rolled up strip of poster board - we had to determine the correct size, of course, and tape it. Then this morning, with no computer and no jigsaw puzzles to work and no friends for chatting, I cut the points and then papier mached the whole thing with recycled brown wrapping paper - superior for this sort of thing, as it absorbs the glue well and is then soggy but strong, and easy to manipulate. Due to high humidity, I had to dry it in a warm oven. The next picture shows one coat of paint - will have to finish it tomorrow, and paint the "lions rampant" also. The crown will have "jewels" added - Jake picked them out himself at the craft store. Great huge gaudy ones, and he is hoping to use the whole package. Probably we will glue split peas around the bottom, as painted gold they look just like round gold beads. Quite elegant - so he will be ready to slay dragons for his Mama by Sunday - and for the princesses at school on Monday, if the crown survives until then. This sort of activity is good for the soul!! In addition, I actually worked a bit on my things, and drew another CQ heart with a BIG blob of lace on it.
Also, I have to show off the latest one now that everything for the background is on it - except the beads - and it is ready to embellish. Check out those curved seams!!! wooo hooooo.! they actually look curved. without zig zags and bumps.

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Allison Ann Aller said...

The heart looks just great. Knew you could do the seams!
Love the Granny projects too...what fun to provide pure magic for a little boy....