Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This is a record for me - three in a day!! The slide show was an ordeal, as I forgot how to do it. The lace swatches are pieces I did several years ago when reviving an old effect I used to do of duplicating the look of crocheted lace for edgings and borders for small pieces and simple pillow - monograms, names, etc. It helped having a working knowledge of the crochet process - the popcorn stitches, joining chains, etc. Of course, when using a different medium, liberties can be taken. I have enjoyed these things recently while stitching them into needlepoint crazy quilt work, and now have even added little flowers and leaves in a "laces and trims" format. I think the most enjoyable thing for me - my "mathematical buzz" is working out the corner turning and mitering - also doing the same effect on a diagonal. It's amazingly easy to create a border of any desired size - and then fit a monogram, name, or small motif within the framework. Wondering lately if I could do some semblance of a doily. Hmmmm. maybe. I really enjoy the filet lace!!!!!

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